AngelRush Ventures

We are a team of entrepreneurs

angelrush ventures

We invest in passionate leaders

angelrush ventures

We build disruptive and innovative companies


AngelRush provides early stage funding to promising consumer businesses. We partner with passionate entrepreneurs and innovators to provide the capital and leadership experience necessary to accelerate their businesses to reach their fullest potential.

We’re not just investors. We’re a team of successful entrepreneurs with decades of combined experience building companies and brands in consumer-oriented markets across D2C commerce, healthcare, insurance, consumer packaged goods.

Every investment opportunity is unique and our collective set of experiences allows us to provide the strategic advice and domain expertise needed to support each individual partnership.


Our proprietary Customer Engagement Platform is a key revenue driver for our partner businesses and the foundation for each of our investments. The platform is a unique enabler, allowing us to confidently assess potential value-add investment opportunities before investing and empowering our partners to achieve their full growth potential.

Comprised of a set of leading data and analytics tools and best practice methodologies developed though decades of combined experience, our end-to-end platform has been rigorously pressure tested with over $300M of investment over the past eight years. Our platform is capable of managing the entire customer lifecycle and we’ve used it to build and scale hundreds of consumer brands.

“We’re not just investors. We come armed with a proprietary Customer Engagement Platform that unlocks and accelerates growth.”